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  • Roxanne McClure

Over The Rainbow Cookie Cake

Because giant cookie cakes are all the rage these days!

Rainbow Cookie DIY instructions:

What you'll need:

1. Rainbow cut out for a stencil. We drew one on construction paper and cut it out.

2. Sugar cookie dough (pre made by Pillsbury is what we used).

3. Vanilla Icing.

4. Food coloring and cups to divide frosting into different colors.

5. 5 plastic piping bags and 1 large round pastry tip. All can be found in your local baking section of the grocery store)

6. Baking sheet

7. Tin Foil

8. Flour

9. Desired toppings


First, cut out your stencil. Then lay down tin foil and lightly flour it. Roll out your dough until it is about 1/4 inch thick. Lay down your stencil and take a knife to cut it out. Repeat this step because we are going to layer the cookies on top of each other after they are cooked. Place both rainbow cookies on a baking sheet and bake at 325 until the edges are golden (about 12 minutes). Let sit until completely cool.

Gather toppings, frosting and food colors you wish to use. Divide your vanilla frosting into five cups and put in the desired color for each cup. Mix well with a spoon and then place each color into its own piping bag.

Lay our your first cookie and pipe frosting dots throughout the entire thing. Then place the second cookie on top and repeat until the cookie is completely frosted as seen below.

Lastly you want to decorate your rainbow. I tried to find candies that matched the colors of frosting I used. You can get as creative as you wish because all things sweet are a win!

Refrigerate the finished product until it is party time to prevent melting of frosting and ENJOY!


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